Sunday, July 10, 2011

The "Stinkin Cute" Blog Award

The "Stinkin Cute" award came from Jana at Raining Grace She has a great blog and her layouts are very creative and fresh!!! To receive this award I was asked to post 7 things about myself and then pay it forward to 7 other bloggers to receive this award also. So here goes:
7 Things about me:

1)I love photography
2)I've been married for(going on)22 years
3)I have 4 dogs(3 labs and a beagle)
4)I love to read paranormal romance novels
5)I was born and raised in Hawaii
6)I have 2 adult kids
7)I've been scrapbooking for 18 years

So I would like to hand off the "Stinkin' Cute" awards to the following ladies because I find their creativity to be very inspiring thank you for sharing your talent!

1) Stacy @ tori belle creations
2) Linda @ scrappinwmn
3) Carrie @ Carriespapercrafts
4) Melissa @ KaDoodle Bug Designs
Bella @ the scrapbookshoparoundthecorner

6) Lisa @ bljgraves studio
7) Emiy @ sweetly scrapped art

1 comment:

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Thank you! I will definitely pass this along too! :) Such a cute idea.