Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Madness~Project Life# 16

Monday Madness~Project Life# 16

Hello Project Lifers

it's DT Elecia here to share with you another fabulous Bimini Moose Monday Madness project!
do you create PL pages of the not so good moments in life? the bad days? the accidents?? the OMG! this is NOT happening kinda day???

Today I am sharing with you a page I created that happened a couple weeks ago in our small town of Gilbert, when one of the grain bins at our local Key Cooperative started on fire.As the fire started at around 4pm in the afternoon and I get home around 4:45 after work.for a couple minutes of panic(I am thinking it is MY house on fire) as I am driving into Gilbert all I can see is thick smoke and fire engines,the smoke is coming from the same are where MY house should be!!! I immediately call my husband and ask what is going on??? he informs me it's the grain bin.....huge sigh of relief,it is not my house or anyone's house for that matter....There were 13 fire departments here to help contain the fire as it burns into the night and it is only a block away from my house.Of course the entire town and every farmer is there on Main St. to watch this,including people from surrounding towns. lol and of course I am there thinking I need to "Project Life" this event......and here ya go!

Key Cooperative
Key Cooperative
Key Cooperativecaught of fire,unfortunately it was  the oldest bin that they have and even worst it was filled with soy beans,not sure of what the loss was worth, money wise but I'm sure it was a huge blow to the of course it happens at 4pm and I usually get home around 4:45 after work,so on my way home I see nothing but fire engines coming and going.....I see thick smoke which happens to be in the same are of where MY house should be.....first thing I think of is,"it's my house" my mind starts racing of the what ifs......I quickly call my husband whom I forgot went home early from work because he wasn't feeling well and asked what's going on???? he informs me of what's burning and I think to myself, thank God it's not a home....(it's NOT MY home) The fire lasted through the night,fire departments from several towns show up to help get the fire under control,which unfortunately is on a very windy day! 

*home made filler cards w/printed cardstock
*journal filler card from BH Amber kit
*No Way/Epic fail stamps by MsKimmCreates (Etsy)
*stazOn black ink stamped on photos

Thanks bunches for stopping by today and joining me today!

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