Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Madness~Project Life# 11

Monday Madness~Project Life# 11

Hello all you Project Lifers!!!

it's DT Elecia here today to share with you a very meaningful page that I have been wanting to put together since starting "Project Life" especially since his birthday was on the 26th of March it's of my dad who passed away in Oct. 2012 and we all celebrated his life and remembered him in our own way with our own families,some of us even made "birthday shout outs" on facebook(gotta love social media) and as I read everyone's shout outs it made me realize we all still miss him as if it just happened yesterday(sigh) he left a huge void in our lives and we are all trying to fill it with all the happy memories he left behind.I guess he was needed else where for a much bigger spiritual calling than being left here on earth.Which doesn't surprise me at all because he is an amazing man! 

a little detail about the photos;

left page(top)-collage army photo when he was 18, sitting with his dog "Woofy", motorcycle ride with my Mama,a photo of him and a blind gentle man that went with him to an art exhibit in Alaska,they were basket weavers.and another photo of their maltese dog,he was such the animal lover!!!   (middle row)- the "Birthday shout outs" photo of my parents and daughter at her high school graduation in 88 (bottom row)- his high school sports photos he was all star quarterback his senior year took their school to all state champions, My birthday shout out and my brother's response....mind you my brother is a man of few words so I had to snapshot what he wrote and keep it!!! and a photo of my parents

right page(top row) a candid shot of him eating,he loved good eats!!! and my parents were also in to paddling canoe and racing(something I never got into) (middle row)- my dad doing yard work,he could grow anything he planted(I unfortunately didn't inherit his green thumb) and his pet pig(yes a pig) my dad chilling at the beach(one of the last photos taken of him. (bottom row) my dad at my wedding(89), a photo taken about a month before my dad passed he's with my oldest brother on the left and my brother's son one the right, another yard working photo and my dad weaving baskets

page ingrediants; 

I used the BH "Good Times" kit

photo grid app to create smaller photos

thank you for stopping by and joining me today!!

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